Texas Hold’em Poker Hands: the Aspects of Chart & the Best Ones

Texas Hold’em poker hands are the determining factor when players decide to participate in cards’ distribution or not!

To form winning hands in Texas Hold’em, poker players use seven cards: two pocket and five commons, which are laid out on the board in four rounds. This rule of the game is a prerequisite because Texas Hold’em poker hands throughout the gameplay play an important role. Since it is with these cards that the players enter the game and decide whether to continue the game process or not. Probably, even an inexperienced gamer will be able to determine that the cards “Seven” and “Five” are weaker than a pair of Aces.

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Texas Hold’em Poker Hands: Chart Features

All starting hands in Hold’em poker differ in seniority, the total number of which reaches the mark of 169 pieces. So, having even the strongest set of cards, participants can fall into the trick of opponents and lose. Starting Hold’em poker hands have five categories:

  • Pocket cards (a pair of Kings);
  • Connectors of the same suit (clubs King and Queen);
  • Connectors of various stripes (peak King and Queen of Hearts);
  • Unrelated of the same suit (Diamonds of a Lady and a Ten);
  • Unrelated different suits (club Ten and peak Five).

But players should keep in mind that not all cards can bring profit. Although rules of poker are complicated, the game is unpredictable, and competent use of bluffing can bring victory even with weak pocket cards. Therefore, it is not easy to predict which combination of cards will win, as often the strength of odds of poker hands is determined based on its probability of triumph.

Texas Hold’em: the Best Hands

Many poker players are sure that pocket pairs Ace and King are the best hands in Texas Hold’em. If they play only with these hands, then players will rarely enter the game process, since according to statistics, players can get them in a ratio of 1: 110 distributions. Applicants for victory need to note the following video poker cheat sheet:

  • Pocket pairs of Aces or Kings can quite easily lose to a weaker starting hand, as here everything depends on the number of opponents. For this reason, if the participants received a pair of Aces as starting hands, it is necessary to maximize the stakes to knock the participants out of the game;
  • Pocket cards Q-Q, J-J, and A-K are the next in the ranking of a strong poker hands chart. At the same time, the initial cards of a pair of Queen or Jacks are pretty good starting hands, but they play a pair of Kings and Aces. If customers enter the game with a pocket pair of Queen, and the dealer puts the King or Ace on the board, then there are great chances that one or two players have already managed to get ahead;
  • The third category in the table of starting Texas Hold’em poker hands is a pair of Ten, Ace-Dam, Ace-Jack, and King-Queen.

The last category of Texas Hold’em poker hands is the final in the list of the strongest pocket cards, but this does not mean that gamblers need to get rid of them. They will continue the game process with similar layouts. Besides, some suited cards are worth the game, and it is certainly better than starting cards that are suited rather than unsuited cards. Nevertheless, the chances of flopping a flush with two cards of the same suit are 1 to 118 (0.8%), and gamblers will only collect a flush to the river in 6.5% of cases (approximately).

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