Royal Flush odds calculating and probability of getting the hand

Royal Flush odds and what lies behind it

Getting Royal Flush is highly desirable by any player. It is associated with high level of skills and certain elements of luck. Circumstances contribute getting the top hand significantly but taking the chances heavily correlate with calculating odds to Royal Flush.

By calculating the odds it is also crucial to know the number of cards in the deck and the total number of cards that the hand has to be built of. Taking into account all these facts, the odds of getting Royal Flush will be different. Here is what should be understood in order to perceive what lies beneath the odds:

  • Know the principles of basic assumption of probability.
  • Possible application of math formulas (Applicable to advanced odds calculations).
  • Good perception of numbers in poker hands.
  • Good understanding what Royal Flush is and what is the percentage of chances of getting it.
  • Rough probability of Royal Flush with certain cards going out.

Royal Flush odds come closely with poker combos. This rare combination can be reached from time to time when the above mentioned aspects are perfectly understood and chances are taken appropriately depended on circumstances. Pursuing getting Royal Flush all the times is wrong because a player should keep in mind the criteria at which it is possible and understand the chances of getting required cards from the deck.

When it is all combined together well and circumstances play in favor of a player, then getting Royal Flush becomes a genuine possibility.

What is meant by Royal Flush?

Before Royal Flush best odds are calculated, it is also important to define what is Royal Flush. Royal Flush is the strongest and arrest combination of hands that can be obtained in poker. These are the highest cards of the same suite that come in a sequence and consist of A, K, Q, J, 10.

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Getting Royal Flush is a pure luck but chances of getting it as well as probability have to be calculated well. Without making the right estimates, it is impossible to get Royal Flush. Royal Flush is consisted of five cards only and is not applicable to three and four card poker, where hands with less value are regarded to be the top combinations.

Probability chances of reaching Royal Flush

Odds Royal Flush in five card poker and standard 52 cards deck are amounted to only four poker hands out of 2.6 million of other hands. All these hands are distributed randomly and when the hands are shuffled, every player has the chance of getting one of these hands. Once the cards have been gone out, the number of hands is being reduced drastically but also the odds of getting Royal Flush are also reduced. It means that only one card that is needed to build the hand goes out and the chances of getting Royal Flush disappear. Other aspects in calculating probability:

  • The probability of getting the hand is equal to 4/2,598,960 = 1/649,740 = 0.00015%.
  • The probability of getting Royal Flushes during the game is the number of royal flushes divided by the number of all possible hands.
  • There are 649740 hands on each one of the Royal Flushes.

Royal Flush odds may be presented in other courageous term that presents a clear picture for odds of a Royal Flush. If a player is dealt 20 hands per night, then there will be 7300 hands per year. So, it will take 89 years for getting Royal Flush!

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