Free Online Poker Software for Becoming a Serious Poker Player

Free Online Poker Software: How Helpful These Tools Can Be

Free online poker software tools aren’t a magic wand. Neither will they turn you into a crusher in a single night. Anyway, they are designed to make a poker player’s experience much smoother and more profitable. And even though many gambling sites have taken measures against poker support software, there are still many others that can help you to hit a jackpot using a special tool. If you feel excited about this, let this article be a guide for you.

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Online Poker Software Tools: Main Types

Surely, just like all other casino games, poker also has the element of chance and gamble. Still, you can learn how to play and win this game. Since poker comes in a number of variations, there are different free online poker software tools that can help you in any situation. Here are the main groups of online poker software tools:

  • Trackers;
  • GTO simulators;
  • Calculators;
  • Mods;
  • Player statistics services;
  • Table scanners.

Learn more about cash game analysis and learning tools right now. Additionally, we shall provide you with the list of the best tools to try straight away whether you are an ordinary or a tournament poker player.


To analyze your poker game, reveal particularly where you messed up and have a better picture of your opponents’ strengths and weaknesses, launch a poker tracker. Among the best free online poker software tools you can try for this purpose is Poker Tracker3/4, Holdem Manager 2, Hand2Note, and others. These tools use PostgreSQL to track all poker statistics and hands, thus giving you an insight into your mistakes during the game and how you can improve your strategy. They allow exporting your gambling data in the form of graphics to present the information more clearly.

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If you constantly participate in poker tournaments, you should use a free online poker software tool to analyze and improve your strategy. Equilab is one of the best tools useful for both tournament and cash players. The software is a poker hand range equity calculator. It’s an amazing tool for counting combinations of hands in a range, experimenting with various ranges to better get the concept of range advantages, as well as creating ranges to reference later.

Free Online Poker Training Software for Improving Your Gambling Experience

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To improve your poker strategy and grip over the game before you start playing in an online poker room, it’s worth having a look at a training free online poker software. Here are some of the best providers in the industry:

  • Advanced Poker Training: offers personalized training plans and succeeding reports, a chance to choose full ring, multi-table, sit n’go, or six-max tournaments.
  • PokerSnowie: you play against real-life opponents; there are clear settings, analysis of up to 100 scenarios a month (the basic free option).
  • DDpoker: a downloadable free online poker software for desktop and Android/iOS devices.
  • Bluefire Poker: offers basic and more advanced poker strategies for all players.
  • Jonathan Little’s Weekly Poker Hand Podcast: a completely free online poker software for training, offers candid analyzes of big hands.

An online poker helper software assists poker players in scheming a good game strategy and working it out. Such programs and tools should become a part of every serious poker player’s arsenal.

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