The main features of poker Replay

Poker Replay software is made at a high level; moreover, it surpasses even the generally recognized leader of the poker industry with some of its features.

The main advantages of club

In the lobby of the Replay poker and at the tables there are functions necessary for the player. Auto-purchase, auto-buying, wait-lists at the tables, buttons for all tables at once, hot keys and the ability to customize the look of the table.

There is a choice of several standard layouts, however, due to their rather motley appearance, it is much more pleasant to use third-party layouts, which our players receive immediately after registering and making a deposit in the poker room.

Mobile version

As it can be seen from Replay poker review, it’s done in very easy and understandable way.

A huge advantage is the presence of an auxiliary program that allows you to implement almost everything that you lacked in a standard poker room client.

Translation of stacks into big blinds, auto-closing of pop-up windows, outputting additional information to the HUD, hot keys (including for the mouse) and ready settings for beta-sizing, including taking into account the situation at the table (for example, +1 bb to standard rate for each limper). Replay poker app for Android is a great way for game on the platform.

Available games

At the same time, this program is free for players up to NL10 inclusive, and for everyone who plays at the limits above there is a great opportunity to also receive this software for free when playing in the poker room from our affiliate.

In order to start game, the player needs to go in the lobby player needs to sign in and log in.

Distribution history is one of those items from where software developers managed to beat everyone. See for yourself, firstly there is the ability to quickly view the outcome of the last distribution. It does not even need to open, just hover over the icon.

What will we see if we decide to open the history of distributions? First of all, this is of course a full-fledged Replayer in which you can play the full course of distribution. But this does not surprise anyone. But the full list of hands that we played around this table is a mega-convenient thing.

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