Poker Games In Online Casinos; Best Video Poker Slots selection

Poker Games And Video Poker Slots To Play Online

Few games can compete with poker in terms of depth, diversity, and skill. If you’re new to gambling, you’ve probably only heard about the ubiquitous Texas Hold’em Poker – but the variety of online poker games is much greater than that, with video poker coming to the forefront.

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Types Of Poker Games In Online Casinos

The traditional classification of poker includes three categories. But with the emergence of video slots, a distinct fourth type has been gaining popularity.

  1. Draw poker – All cards you receive are hidden. You’re allowed to try and improve your hand by replacing one or several cards. Popular variants of draw poker are Badugi and Five Card Draw.
  2. Stud poker – Every player’s hand contains private and exposed cards. Opponents may have an idea of what hand you’re going for. Two well-known examples of stud poker are Razz and Seven Stud Card.
  3. Community card poker – This type comprises poker games such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha. Their gameplay employs community (shared) cards. Every player receives several private cards, but he or she can also use the community cards in their hand.
  4. Video poker – Fully automated poker varieties that can only be played on a screen. The gameplay is RNG-based and devoid of the psychological pressure of a regular poker session.

All kinds of poker, except for the video slot variety, can be found in the form of online live dealer games that deliver the most enjoyable and authentic gambling experiences. Check post if you want play free online poker no download no registration.

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Best And Most Lucrative Video Poker Slots For Online Gamblers

Video poker games share quite a few similarities with slots: their poker rules are simple and easy to grasp, there are no interactions with other players or the dealer, and card combinations are determined by a fair RNG mechanism. But regular slots lack the skill element, which video poker implements successfully.

  • Jacks or Better – A widely praised top-tier video poker slot with an achievable RTP of 99.5%. Its rules are based on Five Card Draw: you get 5 cards, replace the ones that don’t suit you and get paid for the resulting hand. The lowest hand with a payout is 2 Jacks.
  • Deuces Wild – Every card with the “2” denomination can be used as a wild to replace any missing card in your hand. The lowest hand is 3 of a kind. The percentage of payback can reach 100.76%.
  • Double Bonus Poker – A medium-variance game with a payback coefficient of up to 100.17%. Largely similar to Jacks or Better, but you get enhanced payouts on a 4-of-a-kind hand, reaching 160:1 on 4 Aces.

With these poker slots, you get to enjoy the thrill of gambling coupled with the highest payouts and the lowest house edge.

Tips On Beating Video Poker Games

video poker games

Even though video poker offers the most tempting odds among all casino games, winning on such a slot takes a thought-out, strategic approach.

  1. Play the max coin bet if you want a chance to hit the jackpot.
  2. Find a game with the best payouts and never play a title with a return below 9/6.
  3. Play slowly, think carefully which hands to go for, and take regular breaks.
  4. Consider joining a player’s club to earn special bonuses and lower the house edge.
  5. Play progressive poker slots for a chance to snatch a huge jackpot on a small bet.
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Video poker slots are an excellent choice for connoisseurs of skill games who also enjoy the easy and laidback gameplay of slot machines.

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